When starting a new business or if you’re moving into freelance work, having a presence on social media can be a great way to test your product or service with customers. Social media is also a great alternative to spending time and money on setting up a whole website early on in your new journey. It also worth noting that it’s a good idea to start fresh, rather than starting to run your business from a personal account.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to take you through step by step to create a business profile on Instagram. If you haven’t done so already, first you’ll need to download Instagram.

Once you’ve download Instagram, follow the steps below to convert your personal profile into a business account where you’ll be able to access business focused features such as audience insights and the performance of your content. These tools can help you understand your potential customer by showing you who is engaging with your page on Instagram.

Setting up a business profile

Step 1

Open the top right menu

Step 2

Tap ‘settings’

Step 3

Tap ‘account’

Step 4

Tap ‘Switch to professional’

Step 5

Select either Creator or Business

Step 6

Tap ‘continue’ to finish setup

Step 7

Select a category for your Instagram page

Step 8

Congrats! Your profile is now a business account