London Met Business School graduate Giorgia Bacco devised a solution to a major problem facing Italian women living in London. When she found out that 80% of the women wanted an Italian gynaecologist in the Capital, Giorgia came up with her business idea. She founded Dottore – the the first of its kind in London – which today is a source of private healthcare for many Italians living in London. We asked her what it has been like to run her own business.
What have you learned since running your own business?
I learned that it is not easy and you should be ready to accept any challenge. You have to look at many different details, not just the bigger idea and that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Believe in what you do and believe in your idea!
How have your studies at London Met helped you get to where you are today?
At London Met I learned about market research and how to understand if there is a demand with what you are offering, among many other things that have really helped.
What has winning the Big Idea Challenge meant to you?
After I won in 2014, it was the push to make things happen and motivate me to begin. I knew I had the idea and knew the community liked it, but I was ready to now bring the idea to life. More valuable than any of the money, website, or market research help was the support I gained. My idea was truly validated and I could not wait any longer.
Where is Dottore London today?
When we opened in October 2014, we started with 18 patients and two doctors. Today, we have over 100 patients and many more doctors! We are constantly growing and recently took on some investors.
What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?
My advice is to never give up. Obviously you have to believe in what you are doing and be motivated. Every day there is something new, different ups and downs, but be ready to face challenges and keep going. If you have an idea and think it might be a good one, don’t be afraid to talk to other people to see what they think.
What do you enjoy most about running Dottore London?
I enjoy seeing my business grow every day. I mainly enjoy seeing that my patients are happy and relieved because they found us. I reached the goal of my ‘project’, and gave the community something they were looking for and did not have.
Go team Giorgia! We look forward to hearing more about the growing success that is Dottore London!