2022 Pitch Process

All Venture Crawl Participating Universities have the chance to select one Student/Graduate representative to enter the Venture Crawl Pitching Competition.

Stage 1: Universities select their champion and submit a recording.
Stage 2: A panel of impartial judges review recordings and select the top 10.
Stage 3: Top 10 battle it out ‘live’ at Venture Crawl to be crowned Venture Crawl champion.
More details per stage:
Stage 1: In advance of Venture Crawl on the 9th of March, each University through a democratic process, will select one person per university they would like to represent them at the final in the Venture Crawl Pitch Off evening event. And each pitcher will pre-record their pitch to enter into Stage 2.
What to submit:
Pre-recorded 90 second business pitch hosted on a public link for the panel to be able to access it (eg. Unlisted or password protected on YouTube ). Please note, details of where to submit will be emailed to you upon signing your university up to take part in Venture Crawl 2022.

Deadline Friday 25th February at 5pm GMT
Stage 2: In advance of the Venture Crawl on the 9th of March, a panel of impartial judges will review all university pitches and select the 10 best to battle it out at the big pitch off on the day of Venture Crawl.
Stage 3: The 10 best pitches will deliver their 90 second pitch ‘Live’ at the final event, this will be online and all pitchers will be given instructions once selected.