Creative Enterprise Manager Frances Brown attends The Embedded Enterprise Exchange in Wales

Last week at Cardiff University, London Metropolitan University’s Creative Enterprise Manager Frances Brown put on a presentation for participants in the Embedded Enterprise Exchange in Wales.
This event brought together those with practical experience of embedding enterprise education to present examples in four key HE areas: Biomedical and Healthcare, Physical Science, Humanities and the Creative Arts so students who study these subjects at University can then apply their skills in business.
Frances had a fun time at the event. “It’s always great to take part in EEUK events and this was particularly important as we were learning and sharing practical how-to’s on embedding enterprise and enhancing enterprise opportunities for students from all subjects and faculties. During the event Frances gave a short presentation on design and enterprise. During this she spoke about how to take several design practices and ideas and apply this within a business. The goal was to introduce students to enterprise culture and terminology and to place the practice of design within a business context.”
By the end of the day students were knowledgeable about how to take their individual experiences and skills learned at University and embed them within enterprise learning and experiences.