Crowd Mentoring Session 1.0

Have you ever heard of Speed Dating?
Our Hatchery participants took part in something cooler yesterday.
The first Speed Mentoring Session in Accelerator London that we called Crowd Mentoring was a hit among Hatchery businesses & our start-up mentors.
How did the evening go?
First, individual participants pitched their challenges and business ideas and received tailor-made advice by the mentors. Then, they broke into 3 groups for mentor-led group session. They had 15 minutes to discuss an issue or challenge that they are facing before moving on. In total, each Hatchery participant got to speak to 4 different mentors and swap tables 3 times.
The mentors helped solve pressing start-up challenges, gave one-on-one advice and offered lots of useful leads to our budding entrepreneurs. It was the perfect opportunity to learn about simplifying, shaping and scaling up start-up ideas, spotting and solving business challenges, finding co-founders, and, most importantly, connecting to and learning from those who have already been through the process of setting a start-up.
Meet the mentors:
Suzannah Lester has successfully led iPlatform, Facebook’s UK Developer, to acquisition, helped the growth of early stage CEOs in the investment company E-Synergy and co-organised the first start-up accelerator programme at The Bakery London. She has recently returned from a six month sabbatical in Barbados where she founded WP Google Apps Login for WordPress which has developed a popular Android application – Photos to PC. You could sense how passionate Suzannah is about the UK start-up scene and the London tech community – she literally owned the room & gave brilliant advice to the Hatchery participants. You can follow her @SoozeBadger.
Michael Smith is the Co-founder and Director of technology service provider Appamondo, a technology service provider focused on transforming businesses through the use of cloud technology. Michael is actively involved with the StartUp community – he has spoken at StartUp Britain’s Tech Week, Superfast Broadband, and many other start-up events. His in-depth knowledge built during more than 20 years’ experience in blue-chip telecommunications, technology and retail was invaluable during the sessions. Follow him @mickeymondo.
Emilio Sanz is the founder & COO of SalesGossip, a digital marketing service featuring news and promotions for over 900 fashion & beauty retailers. The company, which is on a mission to become the Spotify of fashion, was named one of the best websites for savvy shoppers by The Times, is the winner of RBS EnterprisingU Competition & SMARTA100 Awards. Follow his company @SalesGossip.
Michael Raven is the co-founder and Managing Directors of Catch London, Digital PR, Marketing and Communications agency focused on Early Stage Technology Companies which operates on three diverse markets – London, San Francisco, and New York. Follow him @micrv. The participants are now taking their time to reflect – on the session, on the discussions, on the advice they were given and most importantly – on the actions they are to take as a follow-up. A big thank you to all our mentors and Hatchery participants! A new crowd mentoring session is coming up soon, we’ll keep you updated!