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What’s inside Courier’s
How to Start a Business

Courier’s mission is to inspire small business owners to work better, live smarter and be happier. Lots of people daydream about starting a new business, but find it’s hard to actually take the first step. 

To help you on the journey, Courier’s editors have put together a special-edition publication, How to Start a Business: a comprehensive 10-step guide to launching your own venture.

From finding your big idea and doing the research, through to developing your product or service, building your brand and getting the word out, How to Start a Business is packed full with important and useful information, along with first-person insights and stories from those in the know and those who have done it before.

Including advice and case studies from business owners everywhere from Los Angeles and Copenhagen to London and Accra, the guide was created to give you the tools you need to start out on your own, no matter where you are in the world.

How to Start a Business also includes tons of hands-on worksheets and exercises to help put your own ideas down on paper.