After days of judging the winners have been selected!


The winners of the first Big Idea Challenge have been decided! The Big Idea Challenge has evolved from London Met’s business competition. With almost 200 applications, it was a great success. This challenge required applicants to submit a problem that needed fixing. With so many applications submitted, the judging was extremely difficult. However, the London Met team is excited to announce the winners in the eleven various categories. Here are the winners of the Big Idea Challenge and their respective categories:


Randy Smith

Problem- Lack of recycling in London is hurting the environment, while the use of plastic in Europe is growing.


Warren D’Souza

Problem- Difficulty finding regional food in London. It is currently extremely hard pinpointing where regional food is available for those away from home or wanting to find something they tried while abroad.


Lee Wilshire

Problem- The lack of affordable residential narrowboat moorings on London’s waterway network.  Out of 10,000 boaters in London, a majority do not have residential moorings. 


Roxanne Reynolds

Problem- Career prospects after University not being achievable for people in Arts and Crafts, especially when a sole trader.


Robert Brown

Problem- Poor options for artists to combat cockling. These options are needed to keep the artist’s watercolour/acrylic paper flat, and the lack of a viable option causes drawbacks when crating artwork.


Pinkesh Patel

Problem- Diabetes leading to lower limb amputations due to the damage of blood vessels and nerves in the feet.


Emily Mallon

Problem- 140 Character limit on Twitter is annoying, and it becomes impossible to switch wording so the desired message can be displayed within the required number of characters

Social Enterprise:

Izzy Bloomfield

Problem- Teenage girls in rural Uganda dropping out of school because they cannot afford sanitary products; therefore, sacrificing the opportunity to get an education or a job.


Astrid Lodge

Problem- Lack of concise, easy to understand, yet in-depth science textbooks that are not as expensive or cumbersome as current science text books.


Dunja Dunda

Problem- No playgrounds/opportunities-for-play for adults in public spaces of the city, which could provide fun and energy to the average work day


Ayden Kappo

Problem- Increase of intolerance toward cultural diversity in the UK due to the ideological nature of political and media content resulting in anti-immigration views


The Enterprise Team would like to thank everyone that sent in an Application for the Big Idea Challenge. It was a great success, and the team is looking forward to beginning Round 2 of the Big Idea Challenge. This will include the winners and runners-up from the contest.



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