The Christmas Market project this year was full of festive cheer, record-breaking sales and Christmassy sparkles….18 students, 10 stalls, 2 markets, 15 hours of trading, 134 items sold, 4 well deserved Student Enterprise Awards, 100s of impressed customers and 1 very proud Accelerator team! High five to all of you! Meet the award winners and click through the pictures of both markets at the end of the post to see what happened.

Best Customer Experience – Dessislava Madanska


Instead of standing behind her stall, Dessy stepped into the aisles and mixed with the crowd getting her and her work a lot of attention. Dessy also got great feedback on her cool packaging which was snapped up – now this is what we call great branding. Her customer conversations also resulted in a collaboration /partnership with a printing company… one to watch: One Design Space

Best Seller – Sophie Holden


Belle of the Bows designs flew off the shelves! Spotted by an East London cheerleading team who loved them – ordering 95 bows. Sophie sales reached over £1,000 in total – that’s a Christmas Market record broken! Sophie has now been invited to Sweden for a collaborative project featuring her designs. A student startup with a bright (and sparkly) future ahead of them!

Best Social Media Promoter – Marina Rico


As the most active Instagrammer amongst our participants in the lead up to the event Marina put up 19 posts with #londonmetgoestomarket receiving 434 likes in total!! Marina did really well promoting her products, even showing behind the scenes – in her workspace/tools which Instagrammers loved! Check out her posts here.

Best Looking Stall – Elena and Giorgia


Elena and Giorgia’s stall for their enterprise Sar&Dina was set up for big visual impact displaying unique works by designers and artists. Their stall which included stacks of handwoven blankets, framed prints, suspended pictures and a colour palette which was warm and welcoming, attracted customers throughout the market day.



Elena and Giorgia Christmas Market 2015
Sean O'Brien Zoe Spittle Christmas Market 2015
Sean O'Brien Christmas Market 2015
Chris Dembinska Christmas Market 2015
Milahausen Christmas Market 2015
Kim Grace-Musungo Christmas Market 2015
Dessislava Madanska Rocket Market 2015
Marina Rico Rocket Market 2015
Jean Beckford Rocket Market 2015
Faridun Rocket Market 2015
Stacey Russell Rocket Market 2015
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