This year’s Christmas market was a great success and saw the students making hundreds of sales across the day of trading at The Old Truman Brewery. Over 20 students and collectives, 10 stalls, 100s of items sold, over £1000 made and 1 very proud Accelerator team! High fives all round! Click through the pictures at the end of the post to see what happened. Below we highlight the student traders that did especially well…

Neat Stationary

Neat Stationary were selected from work we did with Visual Communication students. The Neat team developed a great product and used social media in the run up to create a buss around their work. Their Neatbook, a colourful and personalised notebook was very popular on the day, causing queues of customers at some points! Check them out on Instagram here.

Sparrow Made

Arta is an architecture student who creates handmade notepads finished with the personal touch of custom letterpress printing, which was very well received by customers. She custom-made and printed on the day and they flew off the stall. You can find more of Arta’s work on  Sparrow.Made.

A and M Ceramics

Anastasia and Max are a design duo that create beautiful ceramics, it was great to see that many of their pieces flew off their stall amnd will now be adoring many a home. Their first time selling a large range of wares was a great success and they now hope to do more shows. See more of their work on their Instagram page.

Clare and Ella

Clare and Ella are two student Furniture designers who have turned their hands to jewellery making. Earrings and necklaces made using the leftover wooden pieces from their studios and other recycled materials were really popular with the shoppers at the market. You can find examples of their work on Instagram.

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