What is The Brain Training Meetup?

It is a community of the friendliest life-long learners, where we bring together a collection of speakers devoted to transforming the way you learn… and free pizza! 🍕

This life-long learner community is new and is enjoyed by members for it’s laid back, inclusive and positive style.

Now in Shoreditch, The Brain Training Meetup delivers monthly seminars, networking, food, drinks, and much more.

How to Read a Book a Day – Jordan Harry 📚

CEO at StudyFast | TEDx Speaker (1.7M Views) | Mixed Martial Artist | Presenter

No one enjoys reading slow. Imagine how many hours you can regain in your life when you double or triple your reading speed. If you save just one hour per day for a year, that equals 365 hours and more than nine 40-hour work weeks!

The ability to read faster is a huge competitive advantage that can save you years of productivity while making life a whole lot easier.

3 Strategies to Become a Master of Influence – Howard Cooper 🗣️

Rapid Change Consultant & Hypnotist at Rapid ChangeWorks Ltd

Have you ever had an important meeting coming up and whilst you knew exactly what you would like to happen, it felt as though you weren’t really in control of the outcome? You know that feeling of turning up to a meeting and just “seeing how it unfolds”, and whether or not your “ideal result” happens seems more down to chance than anything else?

Howard Cooper reveals the top 3 practical strategies to increase your influence and persuasion prowess. These are concepts that you can immediately start using to get better results in both your business and personal life.

29 January 2020
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Accelerator London
35 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8AA