25 February: How to Test Product-Market Fit by Listening to Your Customers

“The only way to create an incredible product or service is to truly know your users.”

This workshop is brought to you by Silicon Roundabout, which runs the biggest tech community in the UK, and Snap Out, a user + market research consultancy with a solid experience working with both Startups and large organisations such as Islington Council, Virgin Trains and the NHS Leadership Academy.


Businesses really want to speak to and listen to their customers, but they are not sure how to. It can be especially tricky for small businesses and innovative corporate departments to work out where to start in talking to customers or potential users.

Having user research and market research together can help strengthen strategies, business cases and pitches to investors or corporate clients as these are more evidence-based rather than assumption-based.

Using tools you can go and use straight away, you can test if your product fits the market as well as getting some great stats for pitch decks for investors. If customers and users love the product, it’ll be great to have the evidence of this to show investors.

You will walk out with all the weapons you need to go out and do their own Customer Discovery.

25 February 2019
12:30 – 14:30 PM
Accelerator London
35 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8AA