6.00pm – 8.00pm
Ensuring marketing spend delivers more customers
Thanks to e-commerce, price comparison sites, online reviews and social media, there has never been so much choice… or competition!
Consumers have more options, more offers and are more discriminating than ever before.
As a business, you are no longer just competing within your immediate geography, but with organisations you’ve never heard of in parts of the world you’ve never seen. The internet has created an even and much larger playing field and almost every business has suffered its effects in one way or another – but this also brings opportunities
In this Seminar, we look at:

  • Overcoming the challenges of increased competition, technology, cynicism and price sensitivity.
  • The importance of choosing the right channels and tactics to maximise results
  • The rise of transparency and CSR as key differentiators
  • Getting personal with your prospects.

This event is in partnership with GetSet For Growth, an innovative and highly successful service providing world-class advice to businesses through their holistic approach and a unique blend of finance and marketing expertise.
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